Who does not love a stress-free life and the possibilities of getting things done without so much fuss? In a world that is technologically inclined, such desires can be met by getting the right technology. Still, in line with technology and the spirit of the holidays, there are a lot of amazing technical gadgets that can turn a plain boring day into a fun one. Such gadgets go beyond being cool. They are useful, and this makes them must-haves. On the subject of technical gadgets, discussed below are five technical gadgets that you can't do without this holiday season. 

1) Rice Cooker 4cup 5s: In the vibe of the season, rice remains a meal that hardly goes off the menu. To help you steam or cook your rice perfectly, there is the Cuisinart 4 cups rice steamer or cooker. This cooker is made of brushed stainless and prepares a minimum of four cups and a maximum of seven cups of rice. For its components, this gadget boasts of chrome plated handles, a steaming pot that is both made of stainless steel and has a chrome plated knob, a recipe book, measuring cup, and rice turning spoon. A lever that is traditionally controlled, stainless steaming basket, settings and indicator lights that display warm or cook, tempered glass cover with a chrome plated knob and a stainless flange. Lastly, there is the housing that is brushed stainless steel. That said, the work of this gadget rotates around cooking your rice. When your rice is cooked, it instantly in a reflex manner, switches to warm. So you really don't have to worry about the possibility of your meal getting overcooked. There is also a limited 3 years warranty on this gadget. 

2) Webcam C310: While basking in the joys and relaxation of this holiday season, you might need to keep in touch with loved ones and friends. What better way is there than a fluid HD 720 p video calls. This webcam enables you to effortlessly see your loved ones face to face. Furthermore, this webcam C310 works perfectly with most major IMs as well as Logitech VID HD. 

3) A Bluetooth Smartwatch That Possesses Call Feature: Talk about a Bluetooth smartwatch that is sophisticated enough to make calls. This gadget is all shades of impressive. It has a 1.5 LCD touchscreen display and is water resistant. There is also the added advantage of an amazing sunlight readable display. This smartwatch built-in Bluetooth 3.0 serves as a remote control to your smartphone. So, while carrying out any activity, you can seamlessly make outgoing calls or pick incoming calls. Alternatively, for managing your calls, you can use a 2G sim card.